Frequently Asked Questions

We like to be seen as your local Home Builder and as a general rule, we try to be much more adaptable to your needs than the national companies. We’ll always try and accommodate particular requests where we can. The timescales and limitations we place during the process are to protect the interests of both you and us and avoid any snags further down the line.

We sometimes sell one off, refurbished properties but typically we do not sell second hand homes.

We do not rent any of our properties, they are solely for purchase.

We have floorplans, specifications and a site plan on the relevant development page. You can download these if you wish or if you have a more specific question, get in touch.

It will be listed on the development page, or you can contact us to find out.

Get in touch and let us know you’re interested. We’ll send you a reservation form and deposit details. Once we’ve received both, you’re reserved.

There are no fees, the deposit is deductible from the purchase price.

Once you reserve, you have a period of time to proceed to exchange of contracts. If you have not sold an existing property to release enough funds to purchase your new one, we may be forced to put the property back on the market. We recommend the part exchange route, as you will avoid this event entirely.

Depending on the site, we may be able to show where a particular plot will sit in terms of the overall development. If you’re interested in the location and the site is accessible, then we recommend a drive by viewing to see if it’s to your liking. If the home is in the final stages of build, we should be able to show you around.

This depends on the current stage of the build and the number of properties within the chain. Typically a home transaction takes around twelve weeks, however we would look to complete much quicker than this and we have dedicated staff to help with this process. With part exchange, we can complete in two weeks, subject to the new home being complete.

Depending on the development, you may be able to choose a selection of finishes. This can include bathroom sanitary ware, tiles, flooring, cladding and paint colours. This is subject to build stage and may be limited on particular developments. We recommend reserving early to ensure your home is exactly how you would like it.

If you want something slightly different to what we have to offer, this needs to be done up front during the reservation stage. We don’t want to leave you disappointed if it isn’t feasible, but we’ll always try our best to accommodate your needs.

Yes, we provide a minimum of 6 years in the form of a Structural Warranty or Professional Consultants Certificate. We also forward on all Appliance Warranties to you, upon completion.

All three provide a structural guarantee that the property is built to a high standard and it will last for the long term. They are effectively an insurance policy and certify that inspections have been carried out at key stages in the build. There are minor differences in the services offered from each, but the purpose of them remains the same.

Of course! We want you to enjoy your home as much as possible. There are always small issues that occur due to temperature changes and we’ll be happy to put these right for you. We’ll complete a snagging list for you within the first twelve months of your completion date. We’ll only do this once for you, therefore we recommend waiting towards the latter end of the 12 months, to ensure you spot anything that may be a problem for you. You can download a snagging form to complete here.

If it’s a snagging issue, please email us a snagging form request and we’ll arrange for this to be completed for you. If it’s something more serious, please call us on 01793 840940 or email with your query and we’ll do our best to help.